Lake Maggiore in Stresa, Italy

Lake Maggiore in Stresa, Italy
Amazing view from the terrace


A couple levels down from the terrace and you see a little lake beach and gorgeous mountains
The pool had glittering stones in the bottom and gave extra beauty to the hotel
The dinner view with sunset ❤
My Dinner Date =)
Even when raining the terrace is beautiful
Grabbing a bite in a neighboring Italian neighborhood on Lake Maggiore

After traveling over the Swiss Alps and going through some winding streets, we found ourselves in Lake Maggiore in Stresa Italy. We stayed at Hotel Splended, a sweet hotel right on the water and walking distance to a little lake town with cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. The view was so beautiful, I found myself in shock every time I looked at it.

I honestly prefer to go in pools, so I spent a nice day relaxing poolside with refreshing Aperol Spritz cocktails and dipping in the cool water whenever I felt I had enough sun. Later in the evenings we would either walk to find restaurants along the water or stay at the restaurant at the hotel. My favorite was the restaurant at the hotel because of the magnificent view and service. It was an extremely romantic place for Champagne, Italian eats and great company.

When walking around the shops and promenade it was easiest to wear little sundresses and at night time flowy tops and shorts with heels to cool down in the summer air. I will definitely recommend to visit this romantic area.

Outfit for Mid Afternoon Lunch at Jones Wood Foundry

Outfit for Mid Afternoon Lunch at Jones Wood Foundry

Image-1-49Image-1-47 Image-1-48  Image-1-50 Image-1-51 Image-1-52

Well today was just a lovely afternoon as I celebrated yet another friend’s Aries birthday. The restaurant Jones Wood Foundry is a lovely wine and beer bar on the Upper East Side with a beautiful restaurant in the back which has multiple rooms with different character feel in each. We were one of the first to be sitting in the outdoor seating since it finally just started to get warmer. We had Sancerre, the Fish n Chips and the Salmon Burger. I’m wearing a Vince white blazer, and H&M Blue Dress and MIA snakeskin heels which I think are a fabulous design.

A visit to Le Train Bleu: The Dining Car Restaurant inside Bloomingdales

A visit to Le Train Bleu: The Dining Car Restaurant inside Bloomingdales

Image-1-10Image-1-13Image-1-12 Image-1-11 Image-1-9 Image-1-8This hidden gem of a restaurant is located on the 6th floor of Bloomingdales at 1000 3rd Avenue off of Madison ave. My friend Sandra has a fashion blog and we went to Parsons together. We decided this would be a great spot to have delicious and traditional Croque-monsieur and Mussels in white wine sauce. Sandra and I talked about blogging and our love for fashion. The sunglasses I am wearing are now my favorite pair of sunglasses thanks to this lovely company JPLUS, an italian brand that has quite unique shapes and styles.