Lake Maggiore in Stresa, Italy

Lake Maggiore in Stresa, Italy
Amazing view from the terrace


A couple levels down from the terrace and you see a little lake beach and gorgeous mountains
The pool had glittering stones in the bottom and gave extra beauty to the hotel
The dinner view with sunset ❤
My Dinner Date =)
Even when raining the terrace is beautiful
Grabbing a bite in a neighboring Italian neighborhood on Lake Maggiore

After traveling over the Swiss Alps and going through some winding streets, we found ourselves in Lake Maggiore in Stresa Italy. We stayed at Hotel Splended, a sweet hotel right on the water and walking distance to a little lake town with cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. The view was so beautiful, I found myself in shock every time I looked at it.

I honestly prefer to go in pools, so I spent a nice day relaxing poolside with refreshing Aperol Spritz cocktails and dipping in the cool water whenever I felt I had enough sun. Later in the evenings we would either walk to find restaurants along the water or stay at the restaurant at the hotel. My favorite was the restaurant at the hotel because of the magnificent view and service. It was an extremely romantic place for Champagne, Italian eats and great company.

When walking around the shops and promenade it was easiest to wear little sundresses and at night time flowy tops and shorts with heels to cool down in the summer air. I will definitely recommend to visit this romantic area.

The Swiss Alps: Jaw Dropping Beautiful

The Swiss Alps: Jaw Dropping Beautiful

IMG_7455IMG_7453 IMG_7535

The Swiss Alps seemed like a distant idea in my mind, thinking that I would never venture there in my life but I knew they existed. We ended up traveling over the mountains to get to Italy. It was breathtaking to see the beautiful water and the gorgeous light blue water lakes scattered throughout. It is possible to take a faster route by driving through the tunnels, but since it was my first time seeing the Alps we decided to make the climb, and I am so glad we did.

Right at the point that you can turn into the tunnel or climb the mountains, you can see this lookout point right after it. There I stand just beaming with happiness surrounded by layers of mountain peaks that I had only dreamed to see before. It was a pleasantly warm day, and so I threw on a pair of red shorts I got from an online boutique, a lace loose tank and my summery Phillip Lim 3.1 bag in Yellow. My nude flats are a favorite of mine to match with everything and dressier than a sneaker or pair of flip flops.

On the way over we also stopped for dinner with a view of that gorgeous blue water lake in the last picture. It was such a romantic and surreal visual and I just had to capture it. Next stop was Italia!



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Oh the Beautiful Zurich, Switzerland!

Oh the Beautiful Zurich, Switzerland!

IMG_7396 IMG_7399IMG_7437 IMG_7410 IMG_7423

I’m back, and looking forward to sharing my amazing travel experiences since taking a one way ticket to Europe and deciding to move from NYC! Yes, I am definitely a thrill seeker and taking such a big chance did not come easy, but I am so glad I did. I was not satisfied with my life anymore and wanted to explore more of what life has to offer. Since I left NYC I have seen many things and I have been so busy traveling that I did not know where to start off again. So let’s start off with when I arrived in Zurich Switzerland after Iceland.

I had no idea how beautiful Switzerland was. I mean, it’s not every day where people say “My dream is to go to Zurich, Switzerland!” Usually people would insert Paris, London or some other romantic place like Venice. But I can assure you that if you come in the summer time and walk along the water, you will fall in love with this beautiful paradise. The first two photos are from the water and then where I went and got some wine while soaking in the amazing experience. Right next to us was a wedding going on and I completely understand why they chose that location, it was breathtaking. I spent a couple days in Zurich, walking around and shopping a little but also seeing the fancy hotels and nightlife. I must say that everything is extremely expensive, possibly more expensive than NYC!

The other photos of the waterfall are taken at the Switzerland Schaffhausen Rhenfall, somewhere between Zurich and the Germany border. I was amazed at this place as well. I casually had a glass of wine watching the waterfall and looking at a Castle, no big deal. I was wearing my Free People off-white pants, some crochet shoes and a Banana Republic denim vest which I think makes many outfits come together. I think it was a great outfit for a wonderful afternoon of sightseeing and relaxing. If you want to take a sneak peak at some of my other travels you can visit my instagram which shows many more pictures

Cheers! Till the next experience