Okay, so I have been obsessed with Miami up until now. The reason I’m deciding to move away is because there have been threats on my life and my freedom out here in Miami. It is just too small and not big enough for the mind that I have. I want to blend into society and not stand out. That’s why I believe NYC will be better for me. On the way I’ll be in Boston again, but I also have so many sour tastes in my mouth about Boston. I was abducted in Boston by a couple and I was bruised all over my body, including scraped bleeding knees and a broken rib. Plus an ex ex bf who cheated on me with a girl who ended up becoming his new girlfriend, who neatly folded all of my items in my closet. Thank you to all of you predators to help me move on and showing your true colors.

I have grown from all of this. But you see, I have stalkers and predators here in Miami since the beginning, also. SO GOODBYE. I thought I could trust the police and FBI but apparently they wanted to put me in the Psych ward instead 😦 so trusting anyone at this point is difficult. Yet I love so much and my heart is gold. Threats on my life is a true thing: there have been weird WOMEN and men who have hurt me. One is in prison and the others are at large somewhere existing in this city.

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