Visit to Four Seasons Orlando: Celebrating my Birthday and Women’s History Month

I think one the most beautiful things in life is living your dreams. I am extremely happy to be a woman in today’s world, absolutely, but there is so much more growth to come. My birthday was February 25th, and the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney was so kind to host me. I thought about what would be my dream locations to celebrate my birthday, and so I was delighted they wanted to collaborate when I reached out, so thank you so much to them for making my day special! Now in retrospect, I’m writing this during Women’s History Month in March, and so there is still more to celebrate beyond just me.

Your Adult Playground Is The Life That You Choose

If you think about what made you excited while being a child, what were those long lasting memories? Mine were warm days spent by pools, dining out, wandering around seeing new and exciting things, and having activities that make you laugh and feel joy. As we discover what life has to offer, why not decide to keep doing those things that are endlessly making us happy? I am a big fan of spontaneity, but as I get older, I like to plan ahead, which is exactly what I did when planning the visit! A more spontaneous decision was to make a reservation at The restaurant Capa on the 17th floor of the Four Seasons, and it was a perfect way to indulge. Any time I mentioned it was my birthday celebration I would always be surprised by more desserts!

The Art of Loving Yourself and Your Environment

I think that it is really difficult not to feel exceptionally wonderful about your environment at the Four Seasons Orlando.

Self-love and appreciation for all of what you’ve overcome, just to enjoy yourself, has become a phenomenon that a lot of people have to figure out. I do the best I can to see the world in a beautiful way, and sure, maybe that makes me have to create a happiness bubble. Some could call it naive, but I call it extreme focus on the positives. I am a daring individual, I take risks, I give all my love, I allow negativity to scorch my emotions every single day. Yet, I still get up every day with the focus of a bright new day. Life is full of uncertainty, and it’s extremely unsettling to feel this up and down, yes and no at any moment, the experience of life on the line. It pains me so much that I can actually get physically and emotionally sick daily. Yet it is worth it to keep trying, building, finding your inner and outer PEACE.

Breakfast at the terrace restaurant Ravello was so beautiful with exceptional service. My top and bottoms are from Pretty Little Thing, and my swimsuit is from Solid and Striped.

Planning Who You Want to Spend Your Birthday With

This is a difficult one. I put a lot of emphasis on that in my article I wrote for News Break, about Ideas on How to Celebrate Your Birthday. It’s sad to say you can’t actually plan anything with anyone specifically because of uncertainty. Catherine Wagner and “Guest” is a really difficult thing when you have absolutely no idea even just a month prior, so you have to keep that part blank until arrival. It pains me to say this was an unknown.

Plan Going Forward

I go into my last years of my 20’s (now I’m 29) with no specific plans, because based on so many outside factors I cannot be certain. What is certain is that I will take a vow to myself, and to all of you, that I will continuously live the best life that I can.

Women’s History Month

WOW LADIES, we have come SO far already. A lot of men might look down on women for not being as far advanced as men have been. Women have consistently have to fight from oppression. Take a look at the milestones of women from The History Channel. It is time to take control of our lives. Every time I stand up for myself, I have this feeling that the world of women are clapping for me and the rest of us. I am here for you, just like you have been here for me. One moment at a time we are gaining our strength. NEVER GIVE UP. We weren’t even allowed to vote before men in general, of any race. Those amazing women in history who have been leaders in realizing we are real people, too, thank you. We have a say. We have power. Women sharing our ability to appreciate others, to sacrifice our purpose to build families or to be by someone’s side, is a willingness to comply with the order of life. We need to realize that someone should never dull our shine, that we are capable of so many things. We have contributed so much to this world, and will continue to do so. We are feared, but should be adored for our undying fire to make life a better place for everyone.

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