Welcome to Miami

I came to Miami to visit a friend right as “quarantine” started to become a thing. I figured Miami might be a nicer place to have lockdown than life in Boston. I appreciate Boston, it’s my hometown, my family and friends, but it was no longer suiting me. I no longer felt like I could fit in, it’s a conservative city, and hunny, I am not. When I landed in Miami I just decided to stay. Then, I decided to make Miami my home base, and I hope to buy a condo in Miami Beach soon. The weather, the people, it’s all so freeing. Sure, no one is perfect, but no one is hiding their true colors here. I love how open people are with themselves and others. It must be in the water (or the weed LOL).

Why I needed a Fresh Start

I’m from Boston originally, I moved to NYC for 5 years, Germany for 3, Maine for 2, and Boston for 1 year. I’m half Spanish, quarter Japanese, Quarter English. I’m not a typical Bostonian, I am a mix of life. I’ve visited Miami 1-3 times a year for the past 10 years, I have always enjoyed my time here. I have always managed to move in with a man and that’s the city I would stay in. I was so dependent on my location based on who I was with romantically. I’ve decided not to cut my legs off anymore and just do me. This was the first time I was truly independent in my choice. Being single has been so much easier, especially for an alpha (relaxed) female. I plan to buy a condo here. How long did that take to decide? Only one night. I am someone who can make decisions quickly when they seem like the right choices. I have also made bad choices, for sure, but I have absolutely no regrets. I LOVE THIS LIFE.

I can live anywhere in the world, I work from my phone or laptop, I have FREEDOM and FUN every day of my life. This is the first time I feel like I found my city, my new home base. Sure, when travel opens up again, I will, but it feels like every day I’m in paradise over here. I think it’s like I found a soulmate in a place. So, guys, I have a new boyfriend and its name is MIAMI.

Hippie Life

I’ve always been spiritually centered. Growing up in a hippie life zone was great for my soul connectivity. A lot of people tell me that I’m on a centered level, and that I have so much wisdom inside me heart, mind and body. I truly empathize with others. I went to a school called “Waldorf” and it’s a philosophy of schooling based on “Rudolph Steiner”. Every day we would sing, recite poetry, draw, paint, go on nature walks, have posture and balance dancing lessons. Like, yeah, hippie life of the private school kids. I feel like I’m in that environment again, here in Miami. The people I’ve been meeting are wacky, weird, bold, fabulous, genuine, and showing their true colors immediately.

I will take a shirtless weirdo over a buttoned up stiff. I appreciate people showing me who they are much faster here, it must be the Miami heat, the sun just makes everyone more honest. Someone took my phone, someone took my towels, and someone took my salt and pepper. It’s like, so petty. Just be real and up front with me. No tricks necessary with me. Oh, and don’t worry I got all of those things back. I do not put the white flag up and surrender. Don’t mess with me biatch.

Making Life Long Friends 

I have been playing by the rules with making sure I am washing my hands, wearing a mask, etc. However, let me be honest, I haven’t been totally socially distancing. In small gatherings I am a social butterfly who loves the company of others in doses. I can truly say I have met friends for life, or at least we are bonded enough to just know that about each other. Thank you ❤ for being there for me. I truly appreciate you. I have so much love to give and I love receiving it back. I’m sending love to my friends who are far away as well, I miss you. Come visit 😉

Till next time, cheers! xoxo

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