Northeast Influencers Meet


Recently I hosted an event for Northeast Influencers, a group I just created to bring together like-minded individuals in social media, photographers, models, and social media influencers. I created the invitation with Basic Invite and loved the whole process of editing my sample! You can make your own invitation here #sponsored

@iamnashnyc photography

These women are all wonderful people and off to do amazing things! To the left is @innayurkevich, she owns the eyebrow microblading studio @ibrowsbyinna and we met through social media when I wanted to get my brows done! We really hit it off and we just went to the Bahamas together, soon after meeting. I love that she is determined, very thoughtful, health conscious and caring.

In the orange sweater is Sarah @scmnally_13. When I first moved to Maine 5 months ago, I went to social media to try to find like-minded people. Her page is full of gorgeous portraits! She’s met with so many photographers and has built her instagram up so nicely. She’s wise beyond her years because she’s quite young!

Next is of course me, @catherinewanders, who created the Facebook Group “Northeast Influencers” to connect people together.

Last but certainly not least is @taysikes, she lives in Boston and models with agency Maggie Inc. Taylor is so friendly and a pleasure to be around. Her dreams of connecting people in the future will definitely come to fruition. She is born to be a connector! She invited photographers @andrewfosterphoto and @iamnashnyc who both took our photos!

@iamnashnyc photography


@andrewfosterphoto photographer


@iamnashnyc photography

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