The Cat’s Eyes Were Green With Envy

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Here I was passing through the Diamond District in Midtown Manhattan. There are so many people trying to gather your attention to reel you into their stores to buy diamonds or for you to sell. It is extremely overwhelming normally, but I found a time in the mid-afternoon to stop and take a pose. Here I am wearing perfect patent leather shoes from Bianca Di, and I found them online here at Keito, an online shop that also has a boutique in SoHo. My bag was a gift from an ex-boyfriend for my college graduation, it was very nice of him and he likes to call me Cat, so a cat-purse was needed. I actually sadly do not remember the place where he got it but he said he was shopping on Newbury St. when he went to visit his mother in Boston. My sequins top is from Zara, and I fell in love with it instantly at an end of season sale. The top had originally been about $200 since it was a special designer collection but I think I purchased it for $40. My mock suit is from Ann Taylor. I loved mixing the unexpected together and making a fun, yet polished outfit.

4 thoughts on “The Cat’s Eyes Were Green With Envy

  1. I love your blog, and your Youtube channel, I was in New York last week for 15 days and i’m so sure the city threw a spell on me!

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