Manhattan Bridge & My Favorite Spring Jacket

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On a drizzly day I had made plans to take some photos with photographer Erick Hercules, and my mother was in town so she came to join! We had a nice walk through Chinatown and Erick gave us a nice brief history of the streets we were walking in and how they have become so popular to take photos of. We got to the Manhattan bridge and I was happy to be wearing one of my favorite Korean designer brands TRY-ME, I have two Jackets from them which I absolutely adore because they both have metallic fabric which catches the eye. I am also wearing Zara Suede Boots. I really think Zara has a fabulous shoe selection and constantly bring designer looks and streamlined designs. I was impressed with how my outfit seemed to go perfectly with the setting, and I loved how the photos came out. Erick, the photographer, was born in Ecuador and moved to NYC with his parents to pursue his talent in Opera. He went to The Fame high school that Netflix has as a documentary about high schoolers pursuing their passions. Not only did he find success in his singing but also his new found love for photography over the last couple years. I think it is safe to say that he puts so much effort into his art no matter what that may be. My mother took us out to lunch after and we shared more stories of childhood dreams that we all are chasing now.

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