But first Coffee on the Upper East Side

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I just so happen to live on the block of this neighborhood renowned Oslo Coffee Shop. They have coffee that makes me feel so unbelievably productive it makes me feel they add something a little extra to it, if you know what I mean! They have been on the 75th st location for 5 years now, and me just under 1 year, I guess they are in the know. I came to the coffee shop looking for someone to help me take photos and I met a really friendly musician named Chris Bergson and has lived in the city all his life. His band travels throughout Europe and playing at venues in the city with their jazz and blues vibes.

My bag is Carol J. an italian leather handbag brand, my hat is my roommate’s who has a more grungy style and my dress and sweater are from H&M. I love textures and patterns mixed with neutrals.

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