Welcome to Miami

I came to Miami to visit a friend right as “quarantine” started to become a thing. I figured Miami might be a nicer place to have lockdown than life in Boston. I appreciate Boston, it’s my hometown, my family and friends, but it was no longer suiting me. I no longer felt like I could fit in, it’s a conservative city, and hunny, I am not. When I landed in Miami I just decided to stay. Then, I decided to make Miami my home base, and I hope to buy a condo in Miami Beach soon. The weather, the people, it’s all so freeing. Sure, no one is perfect, but no one is hiding their true colors here. I love how open people are with themselves and others. It must be in the water (or the weed LOL).

Why I needed a Fresh Start

I’m from Boston originally, I moved to NYC for 5 years, Germany for 3, Maine for 2, and Boston for 1 year. I’m half Spanish, quarter Japanese, Quarter English. I’m not a typical Bostonian, I am a mix of life. I’ve visited Miami 1-3 times a year for the past 10 years, I have always enjoyed my time here. I have always managed to move in with a man and that’s the city I would stay in. I was so dependent on my location based on who I was with romantically. I’ve decided not to cut my legs off anymore and just do me. This was the first time I was truly independent in my choice. Being single has been so much easier, especially for an alpha (relaxed) female. I plan to buy a condo here. How long did that take to decide? Only one night. I am someone who can make decisions quickly when they seem like the right choices. I have also made bad choices, for sure, but I have absolutely no regrets. I LOVE THIS LIFE.

I can live anywhere in the world, I work from my phone or laptop, I have FREEDOM and FUN every day of my life. This is the first time I feel like I found my city, my new home base. Sure, when travel opens up again, I will, but it feels like every day I’m in paradise over here. I think it’s like I found a soulmate in a place. So, guys, I have a new boyfriend and its name is MIAMI.

Hippie Life

I’ve always been spiritually centered. Growing up in a hippie life zone was great for my soul connectivity. A lot of people tell me that I’m on a centered level, and that I have so much wisdom inside me heart, mind and body. I truly empathize with others. I went to a school called “Waldorf” and it’s a philosophy of schooling based on “Rudolph Steiner”. Every day we would sing, recite poetry, draw, paint, go on nature walks, have posture and balance dancing lessons. Like, yeah, hippie life of the private school kids. I feel like I’m in that environment again, here in Miami. The people I’ve been meeting are wacky, weird, bold, fabulous, genuine, and showing their true colors immediately.

I will take a shirtless weirdo over a buttoned up stiff. I appreciate people showing me who they are much faster here, it must be the Miami heat, the sun just makes everyone more honest. Someone took my phone, someone took my towels, and someone took my salt and pepper. It’s like, so petty. Just be real and up front with me. No tricks necessary with me. Oh, and don’t worry I got all of those things back. I do not put the white flag up and surrender. Don’t mess with me biatch.

Making Life Long Friends 

I have been playing by the rules with making sure I am washing my hands, wearing a mask, etc. However, let me be honest, I haven’t been totally socially distancing. In small gatherings I am a social butterfly who loves the company of others in doses. I can truly say I have met friends for life, or at least we are bonded enough to just know that about each other. Thank you ❤ for being there for me. I truly appreciate you. I have so much love to give and I love receiving it back. I’m sending love to my friends who are far away as well, I miss you. Come visit 😉

Till next time, cheers! xoxo

A Fresh Start for 2020


I hope you all have been having a great new year in 2020! The stock market has been crashing, the coronavirus is scaring a lot of people, yet still life must move on. Let’s make the best of the life we have, and certainly my travels will not be stopping.

My birthday was February 25th, exactly the day of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I went with a girlfriend of mine, and we had an absolute blast. The whole time was constant laughter, drifting through the packed streets, costumes everywhere, and the personalities all around were beaming and truly spreading cheer. I love the whole idea of walking down Bourbon St. and catching beads, the whole communication with the bead giver is so funny, it’s an exchange of brief love to give and to catch.

This blog post is going to kind of get into a darker place, but trust me, there is SO MUCH light as well. Maybe you can relate to both parts. Firstly, I’ll start with some positive steps I’ve been taking. I took a bit of a work sabbatical to focus on my mental health. I work about 20 minutes a day, and of course I hire people to keep things running for me and my clients. I finally started to work again and have been motivated, finally! It’s hard when you’re healing from some emotional and physical aspects of life, but I can truly say I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles, and am thinking with absolute happiness and  thoughtfulness.

When I left NYC back when I was 23 (now I’m 28), I went on a wild ride around the world, I lived in Germany, got married, moved to Maine, and now back in Boston after 10 years living away. I’ve been separated for over a year now, and luckily that chapter is soon coming to a close. Leaving NYC was the best solution for me, to focus on building “Catherine Wanders” as a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog/instagram. I also built a business “Social Perkz”, an influencer marketing agency. I will maintain these channels, because it gives me hope and strength, like I have found some sense of purpose. At this point, I’m ready for something bigger and better, and there’s a project I hope to commence within this year, I’ll keep you posted! I think it’s so necessary to make goals, accomplish them, and keep building your ideas. We are only as big as our thoughts, so I try to think “what’s next?”.

A New Year, Time for Self Growth

I really needed a restart button, so in a sense I’m actually counting my birthday as a restart to 2020. The first month and a half of 2020 was one of the worst of my life. From a breakup NYE day, to almost getting murdered a week later by strangers. I was bruised all over my body, bludgeoned knees, a cracked rib, and I had to go to the ER. I’ve really only been single for now 3 months in a matter of 6 years, so it’s a rude awakening to get back out there in the world as a single woman. But it’s a necessary process to get better on my own. I’ve had to heal emotionally and physically from both the breakup and the near death experience. I had some PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks. They weren’t life debilitating by any means! But I had never experienced that before, and it was scary to feel I was entrapped in my own head and body. Whenever I feel like I’m in a vicious cycle, like for instance Insomnia, I look to guided meditation and guided Hypnosis. I kid you not, the Hypnosis is an absolute GAME CHANGER. I did one session of guided Hypnosis for PTSD relief, here is a link to an example and it truly stopped my symptoms. I could have sought out professional help, but I truly want to train my mind to be able to recover through my own methods. Some people choose therapists or psychiatrists, some seek mind altering medicine, but I prefer to be who I truly am, ME. It feels so amazing to be out of it, but it takes a lot of introversion, self discovery, and to do your best to alleviate the pain – it must be done.


As mentioned before, I haven’t been single often, and someone just told me I’m a serial monogamous dater – I had noooo idea, because I feel like I’ve always wanted time to grow and be single. In the past, I’ve agreed to relationships that I was not ready for. It’s time to take time for myself, and not jump into anything. Since I’ve already been married, tried another relationship a month later, I just don’t want to make another mistake. I’m young, yes, but I just don’t want to give years of my life away anymore. It has been a social experiment to get out there and date again. It’s honestly a lot of fun! I’m learning so much about the dating field by practicing. I am totally open for another relationship when the time is right, and I’m honestly really impressed by who’s out there. Till then, I’ll focus on my new projects, and enjoying life! I just enjoy life all the time, that’s what I want forever.

I love to focus on the positives, and step away from negativity. I realized for so long I allowed negativity into my life. I have learned when to step away from people who are toxic, and be STRONG. It was international women’s day yesterday, I cheer for all of you ladies out there. And to all you men, you aren’t all bad 😉 and I’m happy to be learning that as of recent!

So what’s next? I’ll be taking a 2-2.5 week road trip with a friend from NYC going towards Colorado, and stopping at National Parks! This will be closer to the end of this month. I’ll also be going to Bali the next month. I’ve always wanted to go, and like I said before, nothing is going to stop me from what is calling me. I can just feel all these places beckoning me! Cheers to the new start xoxoxo thank you for reading!

Deciphering 2019: What I’ve learned, How I’ve Moved On, How I’ve Grown, and What’s to Come Next

Thank you all for visiting my blog! I haven’t posted much, but I have so much I’d like to catch you all up on, and feel free to reach out about anything going on with you. Below, you’ll find my recap of the past year, and I’d also say I’m thankful to be sponsored by UGG available at Zappos in this photo beneath, with my lovely and super comfy slippers. Now, let’s get on the with show, folks!

Zappos.com / UGG.com (slippers) Wearing Cupshe.com (dress)

First of all, Happy Holidays! Since Thanksgiving has been so recent, I’ve been doing my best to practice gratitude, even amidst mayhem both in amazing ways and some in destructive ways. Do you want the good news or bad news first? How about let us start with the good news (since most of you won’t want to read everything, let’s be honest).

Good News: I’ve found amazing partnerships this past year, both in @catherinewanders and also @socialperkz, my influencer marketing agency. I am just so thrilled to be my own boss, make my own hours, allow myself to enjoy life, see family and friends, date, travel whenever, wherever. I am determined to succeed and partner with companies that align with myself and my demographic (millennials and beyond).

A goal I made for 2019 was to find more partnerships with travel and tourism companies, and I am so thankful to have found it. To staying at luxury condos and hotels, to flying in helicopters over Manhattan, to going on a sunset yacht cruise through Istanbul, has been surreal. I am just so thankful that I found my niche in the travel world, finally. I have always thought to myself, that if I spend the most money on something in my life, that I’d like to master how to make that part of my career, and here you go, I’ve figured some of that out! Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Dining, Health and Wellness. I’m just really appreciative that my drive and understanding of where I stand is clear to those in the industry as well.

I’m extremely thankful that I can hire a team of likeminded individuals, who all understand me, and work remotely, live a similar life that I do, and we can all work together and bring each other up. Bonus? THEY ARE WOMEN! WOO! I have come to love working and supporting women, as women have also supported me. Although, I do not discount men at all, it just depends what you’re good at in life, and social media influencers, on average, are more female. The reason I outsource, is because I love to live a life of freedom, and when you realize your worth, you realize that happiness comes first, your time becomes precious, even if you’re just relaxing. That being said, I work strategically and realize when to turn the burner on or off, and for my mental health, I turn it off a lot. There will be more partnerships for Social Perkz starting 2020, so stay tuned!

I believe that family, friends, loved ones, are our true center, we mustn’t lose that in our lives, unless someone has crossed you to the point of no return. Know your limits, know your boundaries, know when to say “never again”.

Bad News:

Let’s start with business. I have been in the social media marketing agency for 6-7 years now. I started my business almost 2 years ago. I have to have both my instagram and Social Perkz, because the industry shifts marketing budgets to either influencers or agencies at different times. So, I have to do both, because if the market crashes and all my eggs are in one basket, I’m left with a very difficult task of building back up. I’ve had to learn that some months will be amazing and some will be a flop, and I have to be prepared for that. In a sense, it is similar to any sales business.

As some of you may know, 2019 has taken many turns. I went through a divorce (which isn’t over yet, PLEASE SOON!), got piled up with so many lawyer fees I couldn’t even imagine. As of now, it seems I’ve lost a life with someone, two homes, two dogs, two cars, and much more. POOF it’s gone. I hope that he can come to his wits and realize that I’ve also devoted my earnings, and my life, to building a life together, and do what is fair. But you know what? I feel strong, empowered, and ready to take on the world. I thought I was going to live a life of singleness for quite some time. Little was I aware, I was wrong, and I ended up in a new relationship soon after I left the marriage.

Good News: 

I can live anywhere in the world, since everything I do is from my camera, laptop, or iPone. After separating from my husband, I ended up moving back with my family in the Boston area. I decided to start dating for fun, to lift my spirits up, about 2 weeks later. After being single for a month, I was about to embark on a one month journey around the world. Specifically, Vancouver, Taiwan, Tokyo and Kyoto, Seoul, LA, Vegas, San Francisco, Napa, NYC.


This year, I’m proud to say I’ve helped two friends get out of abusive relationships, taken from experience. I have researched about what are warning signs of abuse and why people stay in relationships that are toxic. If you’re with anyone you might think is abusive, please read this article here.  Those who want to understand why people stay in abusive relationships, here’s another interesting article that reveals the chilling truth.

To continue my relationship story with the new fellow, I met him the day before I left for my month travel journey. Our second date was in SF and Napa Valley for a wine tasting weekend. We talked every single day while I was away, and we decided it would be the perfect end to my travel spree. When we got back to Boston, naturally we just kept seeing each other, and we decided to make it official. His place was more convenient than living at my parents’ home, so it’s been a nice to feel like a city girl in Boston with a view over Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the Charles river. I work from home, so a view always cheers me up and makes me smile any time I look at it.

It has been invigorating to feel love and be loved. Intimacy, cuddles, long walks and talks, it all feels wonderful to be coupled. However, we’ve decided to take a step back, make sure we know what we’re doing before making any commitments, and see how we can improve ourselves. There are ups and downs in any relationship. Some people never fight, but some people are just quieter when it comes to their emotions. We are not quiet, either of us, so we need to listen and improve, and so at this point, that’s where we stand. I guess in a sense we are “complicated”. Wherever destiny leads is where we will go, but for now, we don’t know our futures. It’s a great thing to take a chill pill in expectations, especially when considering making a life commitment or not.

Thank you all for taking the time to read ❤

Here are some podcasts I’ve done this year:

Alexis Quiterio: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/catherine-wagner-how-being-off-your-phone-creates-better/id1469424090?i=1000446202983

Lance Johnson: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id1454395280?ls=1&mt=2

Michael Potorti: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-craft-beer-storm-29999356/episode/episode-69-catherine-wagner-52123069/



Life In Motion & Honesty

Wow, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted on my blog. In all honesty, this is more of a landing page to stay up to date on google and have a real place for people and companies to search me, and a place where I can keep my media kit. However, I’ve recently been hearing that some people don’t fully understand my purpose of all this until they meet me.

In Miami – photo by @thelingerielady

I posted an insta story and asked what people wanted to learn more about of me, and so here are the replies that I received, which I will answer 🙂

“What has traveling the world given you in the aspects of insight, culture and/or ideas?”

I believe that once you get the travel bug, it stays inside of you forever. I don’t believe everyone has to go and travel, some people are completely and pleasantly happy where they are, travel a bit, maybe once a year, to the same place. That’s where people get their routines from, work and regulation. My favorite thing to do is to work hard, but smarter not harder, it allows me to plan my day around doing things that I truly want to do.

Traveling has given me the idea that I should be a digital nomad, that I don’t have an office anywhere in particular, so that I can have the luxury of traveling, seeing friends and family, and doing activities I love to do each day that I want to. My husband is actually the same way, which is why I was drawn to him.

At The Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI with my husband @sasch2005

My absolute dream was to travel, find love, and become a blogger. I guess that blogger part has become more of an “influencer” but hey, that is life and innovation, but keeping things classic, with actual blogging is what I aim to do in 2019 and beyond. My caption that I posted today was “Life in Motion. Each day of the week always has something special about it, each Monday I wake up feeling like it’s Christmas, because of all the wonderful opportunities that are in my inbox. Cheers to the new week!” I truly feel this way each and every day, to be honest.

BALANCE, I don’t believe you always have to travel to feel full. You can also travel within your community, go to a different state for a day, visit a new restaurant, meet up with friends, all this is a sense of excitement and newness that is a similar sense to traveling. Going away and coming home makes both situations that much better. I love living in Maine, it gives me an opportunity to recenter, have a home base, and keep some sort of rhythm and develop friendships. However, I like the fact that my husband and I can just leave at any minute and go for months, if that’s what we want to do. That is freedom and spontaneity.

left to right: @morepositivy – me – @maeghan_efrench @ @taraevelync @katcynewski

It is so imperative to learn about different cultures, to learn about different socio-economic statuses of various countries, to try new food, to embrace the vibes of each city and country, and to research places to go with that delicious sense of anticipation. The more you travel, the more you realize what places seem interesting to visit or not, I use the same strategy when picking restaurants and activities near home. Learning other cultures helps you learn your own culture from a different perspective. It’s also wonderful to have a friend base when you do come back home, it’s a really comforting feeling.

I have absolutely loved everyone I have met in Maine, specifically Portland, where I’ve been so fortunate to have found such a wonderful, well rounded group of individuals. The women here are so aspirational, entrepreneurial, eager to help each other out, and are just so honest with their intentions. The vibe here is so uplifting, and hopeful of what the possibilities are of life. Movers and shakers indeed!

In Italy with @innayurkevich

“How do you pack for a fall/winter/spring/summer getaway or wardrobe essentials?

One of my favorite things is being able to partner with various fashion companies, I get to look through their website and hand select my favorite items. I used to buy clothing a lot, always heading to the mall, always online shopping, yet I worked hard for that while working as well. Now I feel my shopping addiction has paid off, and now I really only shop for clothing for my husband during the holidays. That being said,

I also started my company Socialperkz LLC in 2018, today it is 9 months old. I am so fortunate to have experienced the disappointment and the great growth. I think things take time like wine, once you tell the universe you have something special, the universe reacts in ways that really send positive vibes and opportunity. Word of mouth is always a key aspect of this, and so I advise anyone that keeping great relationships is key to everything. We’re not in it alone.

Fashion wise for winter getaways, a fabulous coat that will actually keep you warm, and a perfect pair of vegan leather boots from Thursdayboots.com.

When you pack, it’s always great to imagine exactly what you’ll be doing, and pairing your outfits and mixing and matching. Having separates is a great way to keep your outfit fresh, without making it look like a repeat all the time. When my husband and I went on a place to place trip to Florida, Bahamas, New Orleans, Texas, and Tennessee, I actually only had a backpack of clothing, shoes and bags! When I wore a dress, it was difficult to repeat that in multiple photos. But if you wear layers, it’s more helpful when taking multiple photos that day, so you can take off layers depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

Jacket @isawitfirst boots @thursdayboots (@thursdays)

One thing I’d like to add, this year I definitely want to make it a habit to get working out more often, however, I can’t simply have a gym membership, we almost have a full gym in our basement at home. What really gets me motivated is the environment surrounded by likeminded women, who all want to communicate and exorcise. I work from home, so I don’t need to commute at all, making the effort to get to Portland, Maine to work out is honestly a pleasure, since I enjoy the city and the people a lot.

Recently when I’m invited to anything that involves exorcising (and maybe a glass of champagne after) I’m always up for it! I absolutely adore the motivation I get from friends. My friend Abby invited me to Bar Method, I said yes! When my friend Kat invited me to Be Well Fest, I said yes! It really helps to make an event out of it, like a hang out but with a fun, physical activity.

At @scalesrestaurantportland with @lucakholle

I honestly love going to restaurants, I have since I was very young. Going out, dressing up, feeling fancy, is one of the best feelings. More the merrier when it comes to ordering food at restaurants, and it’s always nice to have company that inspires you to go places. Especially living in Maine, where dressed up could mean a Flannel top. I honestly don’t think I’ve worn a pair of stiletto heels while living here, but maybe that’ll have to change.

Beach Vibes in Bahamas

So, what’s to come for 2019? It’s already been the best year I’ve ever had, and it’s only February! There’s so many exciting things to come.

-Continuing to build my company SocialPerkz, where I bring more collaboration opportunities to influencers and businesses. I’ve been a social media consultant for years, and so naturally I’ve built a contact database of over 1 million influencers. I often post about the companies that I also help through my company. The best way I’ve been growing is by recommendations, so I greatly appreciate all that has helped.

-Continue to be a social media consultant to my long term clients, and open to new clients to help manage the growth and overall appearance of their profiles.

-My husband has become a pilot this past year, and so we’re buying a plane. This means… plenty more travel to come! Many trips with friends included as well. There’s so much to see in this world, why not explore it?

-Make sure the life balance is there, including peace, tranquility, meditation, seeing family and friends often, and also doing more physical activity. Oh, and eat and drink well!

-My husband and I both work from home, and spend 24/7 together. I think that is a wonderful thing that not many couples can have, however, finding that extra girl time, space in my office, and having individuality is all so important to me. However, I think that making more romantic times with him will greatly benefit our happiness. Like any relationship or marriage, it takes work, understanding, devotion, and realizing that we are partners in life, that we have each other’s back, and we have to take each other most important.

Cheers to another blessed year!



Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas 

Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas 
I have always dreamt to visit the Bahamas, the crystal clear water and the warmth in winter, the ultimate vacation spot. Sometimes you need to take one of those trips where it’s blatantly all about relaxing, to soak up the sun and indulge in an all-inclusive.
What prompted this trip was my friend @InnaYurkevich who invited me to go with her to Florida. I do love Florida, but the particular spot she mentioned didn’t have the clear water and relaxing white sand vibes she thought it would be.  So I suggested we go to Bahamas after a thorough search of hotels, flights, and all inclusive options. Just before arriving I was able to partner with @riuhotels (Riu Paradise Island). Inna was totally up for the change, and it turned into an exciting last minute planned adventure! Their hotel really stood out because they had just done renovations, and their infinity pool overlooking the beach and ocean was as great in person as in the photos!
The breakfasts, and food in general, were all amazing! I’ve only been to a few all-inclusives in my life. I would love to live at one honestly, it makes things so convenient! Especially with such a wide array of food, restaurants, and areas to mingle during the day and night. They also reposted my picture below!
When I was packing for the trip I wasn’t completely prepared because my summer clothes were stored in the garage, since my husband @sasch2005 and I moved into our home 5-6 months ago. Luckily I could find just enough to bring along! Packing list essentials: bikinis, dresses, short tops and bottoms, versatile basics, beach bags, sandals, layering sweaters if the evenings get cold, and of course my camera! This trip I actually forgot my memory card, but since Inna has the iPhone X, we discovered the portrait mode and regular camera function looked great regardless.
Overall, the company and hotel were awesome! I loved having the beach right there, and just walking about a block down from the hotel main beach, the water and beach was less tourists.
We were so happy to get an upgraded room to a nice suite, overlooking the ocean!
The sunsets were always spectacular!
Ordering breakfast in bed at the Riu Palace Paradise Island Hotel was also quite convenient =)


Right next to the Riu Paradise Island Hotel is the Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island Resort and Casino. We walked through the maze of casinos and gorgeous aquariums that seemed like an endless continuation. If you love sharks, fish, sting rays, turtles, they’re all there!
We really couldn’t complain about the marina filled with a lot of yachts of all shapes and sizes. Right before dinner it was such a nice way to stroll around and experience the livelihood of the scene.
I’ve been to the Atlantis in Dubai, but this is definitely similar! Dubai is known for making things above and beyond, but Bahamas certainly has high standards as well! I love the high archway between the buildings.2161F4BE-C8A1-4F4D-95AA-3C353177CA28



Overall, the experience was incredible and I would love to go back again. I had such a blast with my friend, Inna, also! You really get to know someone when you travel with someone, especially in the very beginning of a friendship! Looking forward to future destinations with her for sure. I have so many places on my list to see, that I hope I take some time to visit other places before heading back to the Bahamas! I would highly recommend this area in Paradise Island Bahamas if you’re looking for that indulgent vaca.

Northeast Influencers Meet


Recently I hosted an event for Northeast Influencers, a group I just created to bring together like-minded individuals in social media, photographers, models, and social media influencers. I created the invitation with Basic Invite and loved the whole process of editing my sample! You can make your own invitation here #sponsored

@iamnashnyc photography

These women are all wonderful people and off to do amazing things! To the left is @innayurkevich, she owns the eyebrow microblading studio @ibrowsbyinna and we met through social media when I wanted to get my brows done! We really hit it off and we just went to the Bahamas together, soon after meeting. I love that she is determined, very thoughtful, health conscious and caring.

In the orange sweater is Sarah @scmnally_13. When I first moved to Maine 5 months ago, I went to social media to try to find like-minded people. Her page is full of gorgeous portraits! She’s met with so many photographers and has built her instagram up so nicely. She’s wise beyond her years because she’s quite young!

Next is of course me, @catherinewanders, who created the Facebook Group “Northeast Influencers” to connect people together.

Last but certainly not least is @taysikes, she lives in Boston and models with agency Maggie Inc. Taylor is so friendly and a pleasure to be around. Her dreams of connecting people in the future will definitely come to fruition. She is born to be a connector! She invited photographers @andrewfosterphoto and @iamnashnyc who both took our photos!

@iamnashnyc photography


@andrewfosterphoto photographer


@iamnashnyc photography

A Year in Reflection to Welcome 2018

This year has been quite a whirlwind of changes. From living in Germany and traveling throughout Europe, to settling in Maine and starting a new home base. Thanks to my blog and instagram I am able to express my life by storytelling through pictures, videos and writing and sharing with you all. Not only has my personal life changed, but also my Blog and Social Media Management. I’m doing exactly what I love to do, help others achieve their goals, and also my personal blog of expressing my style, the places I like to go, the people I love to see like family and friends, how I decorate my home, what my dogs like to do, and so on.

There are a few different GOALS I’ve achieved in 2017, my future goals I’ll list at the end =)


My most recent collaboration with IFCHIC.com




One of my goals for last year was to have brand partnerships that reached into the luxury market. Don’t get me wrong, I love fast fashion and the ability to keep up with trends as they come, but I also love the brand message that certain designer names hold like Alexander McQueen, a designer that will forever be one of my favorites.  It seems surreal that just a year ago I would dream to get such partnerships, and now it is becoming a reality that I absolutely want to continue to do.



Something tells me that this New Year of 2018 has many more dreams to be fulfilled, and this year was just the beginning of making it all happen. love being a homeowner with my husband, two dogs and my step daughter. I created a home tour video! YouTube home tour was not my finest creation, but check it out here, it’s been a while since I’ve made videos and I’ll definitely continue onto 2018.




Another designer that will always be one of my favorites is VALENTINO – a brand that evokes luxury and dreams of success and class.


The end of 2017 helped introduce me to new friendships, something I’ve always held on to was the necessity of having friendships, I believe they help you connect, grow your horizons, and influence your actions for the better. I can’t wait for what 2018 has to offer!


Being a Social Media Manager, this year has really taught me so much on how to maintain business relationships, but there can also be a sense of friendship when you are consistently talking with people about their goals, daily life tasks, dreams and achievements.

GOALS for 2018:

  • Embrace the journey, but land each opportunity and do more outreach
  • Find a great way to relax: yoga, meditation, create new habits? Not sure what this will be yet
  • Improve the communication with my husband – although we already work on this daily and I love him dearly
  • Create more content for my Blog/Youtube/TRAVEL blogger content – i’ve never fully embraced the benefits of being a travel blogger – so watch my travels in 2018 =)!
  • Expand my business to further than just myself – finding ways to leverage my resources and maybe bring on my first employee or intern.
  • Become more professional with my business – finalizing my website
  • just OWN IT – must know my self worth – boost that inner self confidence



First Snow and Waterproof Boots – Sponsored by Zappos

First Snow and Waterproof Boots – Sponsored by Zappos

The first snowfall is always magical and exciting, at the same time I’m thinking “autumn didn’t last long enough!”. The holiday season is certainly made better with a touch of a White Christmas.

Luckily I have been sponsored by Zappos and UGG boots just in time for the snow. My UGG boots are waterproof, stylish, and feel so comfortable. Everyone compliments me on my waterproof boots when I’m out and about.


The lining is so soft and warm, I never felt my toes cold at all while in the snow. My favorite color is the black, but the boot is available in 3 colors, you can check them out here. My husband also loves to see me in them, he thinks I look especially attractive in these moderately large boots! Haha =)



Our German Shepherd Blacky is such a goofy dog, and absolutely loves to play in the snow! I am certain that winter is his favorite time of year.

Although I love the winter, stay tuned because I’m actually off with a girlfriend to a tropical place coming soon!


Before the snow hit, I wore my other pair of UGG boots, the Classic with a bow. I have never had a pair of UGG boots before but I always wanted them! It’s now a classic in my life and I’m happy to keep it in my shoe collection, especially for fall and winter to keep cozy.


What it’s like being back in the USA

After living in Europe for a couple years (a few months in the states traveling in between), I’ve come to realize where my happy place is, and that is the USA. I knew in my heart that traveling was going to help me learn more about the world and about myself. I had to go out there and experience as much as I could so that I could get that feeling off of my chest, the desperation to seek and see. I still have it. Spending time in NYC last week really brought memories back of the 5 years I had lived there. It revived that excitement for wandering. All the wandering aside, I’ve never explained on social media WHY my husband and I decided to move to Maine. Below I will delve more into it.

Here is a photo-shoot I did with photographer Seth Gaffar and wearing all Anatomie clothes (besides the dress). I love their active-chic wear, so comfortable you can climb rocks and do adventurous things in. For 15% off you can use code “CW15” on http://www.anatomie.com


One reason I love being back in the States, is that I finally have FRIENDS again. My husband comes from a small city in Germany, and he grew up in a Village outside of it, can you imagine a city girl like me going to a little village? Yes a bit shocking! I love learning about different cultures, and I love that his village was just a couple hours driving to France, less than an hour to Switzerland, and Austria close by as well. It all is connected, like the States, but all the countries are extremely diverse and have histories dating back many centuries. However, making friends in a small village is almost impossible. So you stick with your family, your husband, dogs, his parents, etc. It’s all a close knit group with no extra outsiders. I’m just not used to that. I THRIVE in places that I can meet like-minded people. I read a girl’s Instagram caption the other day that said “We learn something from everyone we encounter” I really believe this to be true. Social energy drives me.


So, why did we pick Maine? My husband, Sascha used to play professional hockey in Germany, and he also played in Maine! He had so many wonderful things to say about Maine, and me, coming from Boston, MA originally, it’s just an hour and a half north so it seems similar. But people are not similar, people are much friendlier here in Maine. Also, we got an amazing deal on our house that we completely adore. We also have SPACE, 3,500 square feet to be exact. When you and your husband both run your companies solely online and are home most of the time, trust me, you need space.


It has been amazing back in the states because I have been networking and reaching out to photographers, models, bloggers, and more that are interested in meeting up, collaborating and working together to raise each other up. I just created a Facebook Private Group last night called Northeast Influencers Please request to join if you are interested.

With my Hubby, Sascha 

Maine is a beautiful state. With crashing shorelines, amazing restaurants, wonderful people, it makes it a place very difficult to not thoroughly enjoy. It was one of the best moves of our lives! Just because my husband and I picked a place in Maine, it does not mean this is the end-all, be-all of our places! We also are looking into Florida for a winter home, and potentially a place in NYC if we find the right space. We can always rent out places we are not using at the time. Life is a journey, it is still the beginning and we can choose whatever paths we want, but we need to work hard for it.

10 Reasons you should say “YES, I can”

10 Reasons you should say “YES, I can”

Recently I just asked the question to my followers if I should open up more, and the answer was definitely, that people want to know the real me and my life, and also other bloggers who might spark their interest. I think along with opening up, it might also be helpful to give people insight into my mindset, and it may help people who seek help in finding their way, getting over their next hurdle, or seeking more success.

I often say “YES, I can” or “YES, I want to try” or “YES, let’s go!” (excluding jumping from an airplane). It may be frightening to most people to take on more tasks, to leave everything behind that does not make you happy, make major changes, or to just leave and go do that trip you’ve been wanting to do.

Saying no limits you from experience, it limits you from pushing your boundaries to really see how far you can go, saying no basically means that you have no interest in learning or discovering that part of life. I do believe there are times that you should say no, like to addictive drugs, or absolutely dangerous stunts, risky behavior with strangers, life threatening things etc. However, saying yes to more adventures or opportunities can give you so much more possibility and reach in your life. I have listed below some reasons why you should say “YES, I can”

1) YES, I can be decisive

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life, is that being decisive is extremely important for your sanity and your life’s journey. There are countless decisions we need to make each day, let alone each year, it is what can put us ahead or behind. The choices you make today will decide your future. 

2) YES, I can go

We all make excuses and give ourselves reasons why it is not the right time to go somewhere, even if you’ve been wanting to do it for a week, a month or years. Waiting on others can also be an issue here. If you are ready but the only thing holding you back is the fear of getting out of the bird’s nest, then you will stay in hiding for a lot longer. The mind and body are very adaptable, pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone can help give us growth and maturity. If your friend reaches out asking if you want to go on a trip in a few month’s time, try your best to make it happen if that’s what you’d love to do. You can always rearrange your life for people, activities and things that bring you joy.

Personal experience: I was living in NYC and desperately wanted to go to Europe and travel, but friends in the US and those I knew in Europe were not receptive to the travel idea, and I didn’t know enough people to stay at their places. Meanwhile, I was trying to get my life together in the city, but my mind was far away. When I look back at that time, I realized that I was scared to leave by myself, worried about how I would navigate foreign transportation, my lodgings, expenses, but now I realize it would have been better to just leave and make it happen. Luckily, my now husband, invited me to come along and travel with him one summer, and that same week I was on a plane and left the life I no longer wanted in NYC.

3) YES, I can be happier

Realizing you are unhappy is the first step, understanding why and how you can change it is the next, and implementing the change is how you can improve your situation.

Personal experience: I found myself going down the rabbit hole of NYC partying, meeting celebrities, social climbing, etc. Did this help my overall happiness? Not exactly. I knew I was meeting interesting, important people, but I was drifting further away from where I had started and where I wanted to end up for a more wholesome life. I wanted sustainable growth and happiness and all sides pointed that I was in an emotionally vacant cycle. I chose to be happier, to change my life and to trust and depend on certain individuals to get me out of that world.

4) YES, I want to

You need to decipher what it is you want to do and what you don’t want to do. This is some deep self-reflection. What do you envision yourself doing and making you happiest? Learn your likes and dislikes and so when people ask you if you want to do something you can say Yes, or no, without hesitation. Do you enjoy concerts, plays, hiking, sports, drinking with friends, clubbing? Or do you prefer other things? Find out what gives you that spark. This can also relate to dating: when someone asks you out, is this a person you could see yourself with down the line? Is this someone who could actually build a real future with you? Is this person your type? You can end up spending a lot of time with the wrong people. Know the core values of the person you are seeking and try to learn those as soon as possible of someone you are truly considering as a life partner. Do you want to go out on a date with someone who doesn’t excite you? But also remember, no one is perfect, and anyone can change and develop as time goes on.

5) YES, I do

Being in a happy marriage is proven to give you a longer life, more wealth and more happiness. This has to do with finding an emotional support system and meaningful companionship. Being in the wrong relationship is detrimental in the opposite manner, but if you find someone that compliments your life, then accept this person into your life. This has to do with deciding to commit, if it is not right, it is not right.

Personal experience: I always knew that I wanted to get married at some point in my life, but who, where and when that would happen was completely up in the air. For a very long time I was scared of commitment and whenever someone would try to get closer, I would push away. My intentions were to lead people on without giving back my full self, to feel needed and to give myself options. Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith and trust that other person and their intentions to share a life with you. Maybe that’s who you were looking for your whole life, but fear of making the wrong choice got in the way of letting that relationship progress.

6) YES, I can make friends

Try not to shut people out if they are there for you, reach out to you, or make a conscious effort to keep in touch. Also, make sure to open new friendships when it seems right, and also make sure those you care about know it. These people matter now and will matter, they are the extended family you choose.

Personal experience: While living in Germany I realized that in the particular area, it was very uncommon for foreigners to live and there were very few people I could relate to for friendship. It seems that family is the most important and that friends are secondary to none in the countryside. I made sure to keep in contact with my friends who were back home or traveling so that I could have more support and give support, friendship is vital to help you relate to the world.

7) YES, I can do that work:

If you have the basic skills and experience, and have spent lots of time learning about an industry, you have the right to say “yes, I can do that project”. Taking on more responsibility is a natural way to grow and educate yourself and to help others achieve their goals in business.

Saying YES to opportunities opens a lot more doors for you and others for a more successful future. Be confident in your knowledge and embrace the real world, or create your own slice in the market share of the world trade and services.

8) YES, I can let go of old habits

Maybe that destructive habit was once a good time, but is it becoming a problem? Make sure to lessen the bad habits in your life and try to practice healthier habits like eating right, working out, drinking less, and start to circulate positive, life bettering thoughts.

9) YES, I can schedule

The mind should not always be blanketed in chaos, we need to see the big picture from afar and plan our lives accordingly. At one point living in chaos is no longer exciting, but detrimental to your peace. My husband and I have been focusing on moving back to the states, to settle down and to focus on our work and building a life there. Traveling is amazing to develop your experiences, knowledge and achieving dreams. I think it is also great when you are in between times of your life, for instance, you are no longer a student, not yet fully in your career, and trying to fully embrace your youth. Having a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan, or even a 10 year plan is really healthy for developing stability and a clear focus. You should always plan in fun, but you should also have structure to be productive. Follow your dreams but make sure you set a timeline to accomplish them.

10) YES, I can live there

You can always switch cities or move abroad, moving is good! If you dream of something else, go out there and make it happen. There are so many online resources to help you make the move.

Personal experience: I was always curious about living in Germany, and it all of a sudden happened! I began as a student and was able to get a student visa easily for 2.5 years, and could travel within Europe and back to the States with no problems. However, when trying to bring a spouse back to the states it is extremely time consuming with multiple steps to the process. As an American it is much easier to go off and live in new countries, something that should be taken advantage of! You can always come back to your roots, just like I will be with my husband, step daughter and pups in the very near future.